Advocate Dogs 22-55lbs (10-25kg) – 6 Pack

By | October 28, 2017

Advocate Dogs 22-55lbs (10-25kg) – 6 Pack
Advocate’s Large Dog (10-25 kg/ 22-55 lbs.) formula is the first product you should think of when it comes to defending your plus sized pooch from parasitic invaders such as:

  • Fleas
  • Ear Mites
  • Heartworms
  • Gastrointestinal worms
  • Whipworm
  • Sarcoptic Mange

And if you would like to save a little money in the process of protecting the big panting pup, you should consider buying this Advocate 6 Pack, which will prevent you from having to empty your wallet for another six months. This powerful topical is only applied once a month, and is proven effective against these potentially life threatening parasites, so grab your supplies in bulk today.

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