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Proheart Green 11-22kg

Proheart Green 11-22kgNo pet owner wants to hear about heartworm, but the fact remains that it’s a huge problem and a leading cause of death among domesticated dogs. Fortunately, there is a quick, easy, and effective preventative available for your pet. Introducing Proheart Green for Medium Dogs 11-22 kg (24-48 lbs.) The first and last name you’ll need… Read More »

Frontline Plus Small Dogs Under 22lbs (10kg) – 3 Pipettes

Frontline Plus Small Dogs Under 22lbs (10kg) – 3 PipettesFrontline Plus 3 Pack Small Dog is a 3 month supply of a powerfully improved formula designed for dogs under 10kg (22lbs.) with even more parasite killing power than the original frontline. This potent improvement includes the following incredible benefits: Kills fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae Kills ticks… Read More »

Revolution Red Dogs 22-44lbs (10-20kg) – 3 Pack

Revolution Red Dogs 22-44lbs (10-20kg) – 3 PackRevolution Red 10-20 kg (22-44 Lbs.) is a mid-sized dog’s dream drug. It’s specially created for dogs weighing anywhere between 10-20 kg (22-44 Lbs.) Just like the Revolution brand’s Blue counterpart for cats, the Red 3 pack for dogs is a multidimensional and comprehensive treatment for a variety of pet ailments,… Read More »

Advantage Green Cats/Rabits Under 8.8lbs (4kg) – 4 Pack

Advantage Green Cats/Rabits Under 8.8lbs (4kg) – 4 PackAn allover flea preventative for your small dog or cat, Advantage Green 4 Pack Small Cats and rabits works well for felines and rabits of similar size. A small dab of the topical cream on the back of your pet’s neck allows for: 30 days’ worth of protection / prevention… Read More »

Advantix Dogs Over 55lbs (25kg) – 4 Pack

Advantix Dogs Over 55lbs (25kg) – 4 PackAdvantix 4 Pack for Extra Large Dogs over 25 kg (55 lbs.) is a powerful pest fighting tool. This multifaceted chemical is proven effective against: Fleas Ticks Mosquitos It will leave your dog entirely free of outlying bloodsucking parasites. It can even work as a flea and tick treatment on puppies,… Read More »